Fundamentals of information security

Today's digital world

Fundamentals of information security
Fundamentals of information security

has covered almost all
facets of today ' s world.
From dusk to dawn, we are engaged

From smartphones at home to meet
all our daily needs, to make a fund

to ordering a refill of groceries,
everything is just a click away.

Fundamentals of information security

A typical day at the workplace involves dealing with connecting to intranet/internet servers.
A relaxed weekend at dine-in will involve the attendees taking customer's orders through a tablet.
The customer paying the bill through a Credit/Debit card.
All these transactions involve accessing the internet.
Hence it becomes important that everyone is aware of the risks involved in using digital data and its protection.

fundamentals of information security

Online applications these days can be accessed through desktops, laptops, cell phones, etc.
These applications are highly interconnected.

fundamentals of information security

For instance, Using the same cell phone a user can update his status on a social media website.
He can transfer funds online the next minute.
He/she might also use the same cell phone to access their personal identification details from the government database.
To top it all, he/she might use the same email account for registering in various banking, social networking applications, etc.
A weak password to this account is a temptation for hackers.
By gaining access to this email account they might be able to access other applications linked with this account.
A vulnerable email account can make other applications vulnerable too.

What is Security?

fundamentals of information security
Cyber Security

There is no such thing as absolute security.
The quality or state of being secure.
Cyber Security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software, and data from cyber-attacks.

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