How to get money for views on youtube. How to find target users? Services for earning on watching videos on Youtube

Many users are interested in how to earn on YouTube for viewsAnd in general, is this really possible? Or is it another deception and a clever fraudulent move? In fact, understanding this issue is not so easy. On the one hand, making money on the Internet is, in principle, a dubious matter. And on the other hand, people somehow make a profit on the network without cheating and fraud. Therefore, it is worth considering carefully the topic "" YouTube and earnings. " Be sure that you do not need any special knowledge and skills.

He shares his every day or his way of doing a certain thing, or even shares his opinions and creates his audience with him. 
This is an easy way to start having a channel, and it can also be a good option, especially if you prefer to share your ideas with others.

How to get money for views on youtube
How to get money for views on youtube

Come back and get the audience

Subscribers and people who get to your channel are responsible for making money, so your audience is everything. Your audience is the reason you should strive to create content, so you should pay attention to what your audience values ​​most on your channel.

Mythology or not

Before you make money on YouTube with the help of views, it’s worth figuring out whether there really is such an opportunity. Safe and true. After all, fraud on the network is already so full.
Oddly enough, but recently, making money on YouTube through video views has become available to everyone. And this is not some kind of fairy tale or fiction. Users (not all, but most, more on that later) have the right to receive revenue for views. True, you have to fulfill a number of conditions or find a good service to make a profit for YouTube. How is this process organized? What is needed for this? How much do you earn on YouTube for views?
Your audience is probably looking for your channel because it identifies with something: a characteristic of you, some benefit that you generate for it, there may be several variables in your channel. Pay attention to your audience and find out what they need most, what they like best and why they are always looking for your content. This will allow you to get more views, subscribe and, of course, increase revenue.
Video title Broadcast. To make money online, you need to know the right ways and take responsibility at work. There are currently several ways to get money online, whether through your own business or work.

How much can I get

Let's start by examining the last question. Indeed, depending on the earning potential, users are more or less active in reaching out to a particular service. Unfortunately, there will not be a definite answer. Money for viewing on YouTube is paid differently. This is influenced by many factors.
But if you think about it, on average you can get from 500 rubles to 30-40 thousand per month. True, to make good money you will have to try pretty hard. Within the norm, the income of 10-15 thousand rubles on this service is considered. Regardless of the type of work with "YouTube". In principle, most often this is enough. Therefore, let's try to understand the very essence of our conversation today. Namely, how to make money on YouTube for views.

Creating videos for this social network allows you to create a whole new world because when you well create original content and often and, of course, apply some interesting methods, you can earn money and earn your main income on this. Before you put your hand in the dough, you need to understand some key points.

This is a process, and you gradually get more subscribers, more views and, as a result, more money. Each channel has its own peculiarity, its own audience, and how your channel will defeat these people can vary from several factors, even if you apply all the methods correctly. So be patient and persistent!

To each and every one

For starters, an option that will suit almost everyone. In any case, it does not require anything special from the user. Is that the time that will be spent watching videos. It's about using a variety of content for YouTube, designed to generate revenue. Most often, such programs are called applications for making money on social networks. There are a lot of them on the Internet today - both paid and free. And each user himself has the right to choose which products to contact him.

After a while, you can already find out which videos are most accessible, which videos have caused the most criticism or your audience liked. Bet on what works and try to communicate with it. Ask your audience if you want you to continue making such a video and so on.

Get to know your audience in every possible way: are they teenagers? If you are looking for this information, you will have a faster result, and you can go on the right path. To succeed, you need to think strategically. You must plan yourself in every way. Select the publication days, select the publication time if it is programmed when creating the script if it is programmed to edit the video. Editing and shooting take a lot of time, so evaluate your chances of not sticking to your subscribers.

For example, Likes Rock can be very interesting. This application is installed on a computer, after which it will have to go through authorization from your account on a particular social network. How to make money on YouTube using views and more? Just use Likes Rock. If you log in to this application from your "YouTube" account, you can get some profit.

When you start letting these plans fail, things can go down because you are starting to lose confidence. The editorial line is very important for any channel. It was as if it was limited what kind of video you produce and what kind of content you will never want on your channel. Your audience will identify your editorial line and pick you up, knowing what your line of thinking is. For example, you can create an entertainment channel by talking about gossip.

Create a good visual identity for your channel

You should be concerned about the design of your channel. Currently, professional channels use only good designs, both for the channel cover and logo. And if you do something that doesn't look very good, people may not take it too seriously. Currently, there are many professional channels, that is, with good content, regular and good publications. All of these channels are undoubtedly seeking to invest in channel design.

The work is based on a variety of tasks. Here and watching videos, and subscribing to channels, and writing comments, and “likes” - “dislikes”. In general, there are many alternatives. Different tasks are also more than enough. But if you do not actively work, then you will not be able to earn more than 1,000 rubles a month. But all that is required of you is the presence of an account on YouTube. And no more. You don’t need to think about anything, follow any special conditions, either. The program for viewing "YouTube" with the implementation of paid tasks Likes Rock - this is a real find. And she will surely please you.

If you intend to work on your own or even with a team that knows little about video editing, it’s good to prepare for investing in courses or learn on the Internet itself. Video editing is an integral part, especially if you want to have a professional channel that attracts the attention of your audience.

If you are going to work with frames, you need a good camera and other equipment that will allow your work to have more quality. If you still cannot afford to buy such equipment from the very beginning, save a part of your income to invest in your channel.


Did you know that YouTube pays for viewing itself? Without any programs, applications and other third-party content? Yes, yes, it really is. But do not rejoice ahead of time. Firstly, not all registered users have this feature. Secondly, in order to achieve the so-called partnership, you will have to spend a lot of time on your account. More about this later.

We hope that we have helped you answer all your questions! How often the question arises for many people who understand that creating content in videos can be a great way to generate additional income, but you need to take a few steps.

Remembering that just creating your content is not enough, you need to properly configure your channel and schedule publications, but all the techniques that we will give below in time. It is important to understand what your audience is the main part of your channel, and it is in this audience that you should focus on.

Thirdly, it is not necessary to rely on good earnings initially. Yes, and you will face the choice of the official method of profit. How to make money on YouTube using views? Here, the resource itself offers its users at least two types of work. This is an affiliate program, as well as the so-called paid channels. Initially, all hosting was free. So it remains for most users. It's just that now a paid channel is a kind of support for talented account owners. What are the proposed principles based on? First, we find out about this, after which we can already discuss the terms of cooperation with YouTube.

Before creating your content, you must understand that the content must be unique and help solve the existing problem. Think about the steps your audience should take and the possible problems that may arise in the solution.

Create a daily or weekly publication schedule
After this step, watch the video from your competition, find flaws or information that were not shared, and add to this new video. Understand that you should not copy the content, but create something better than existing. You need to arrange an agenda as soon as possible!

affiliate program

Of course, the first official way to profit from a resource is an affiliate program. She has long been the place to be. At the same time, money for views on YouTube will be credited to your account in a passive mode. That is, your task is to comply with all the conditions of the affiliate program and update the videos in a timely manner (to collect a larger audience). And all, you can make a profit even when you are not online.

Content and video schedule

But why create 10 videos before launching the channel? Thus, the channel has a minimum amount of previous content, and if you can’t record on any particular day, just post the saved video. Thinking about this, imagine your channel, in which there is a list, for example, 10 videos that are ready and planned for publication.

Thus, with this rating, you are sure that “ranking” your videos is much easier. Therefore, when you have this content and a minimal and attractive audience, you will be on time. You can create your videos in several ways. You can use your smartphone to create your own videos, as current phones have cameras that can generate video with very good sound and video quality.

What is the affiliate program based on? On advertising in their videos. For this, they will pay you. How much do you earn on YouTube? For 1000 views, an average of about 30-50 rubles is paid. Not too much, but not so little. In principle, this is a pretty good amount. Especially when you consider the fact that you will receive passive income.

Look for a quiet place with good lighting and use your mobile phone in a landscape position in accordance with the image. If possible, be sure to record the video using a tripod. Holding your mobile phone will significantly improve the quality of your video.

Record a slide show

Although not enough, this equipment is an excellent ally for creating high-quality video. Some videos were created for our site, only with a video camera, and the result was very good. You can simply make a slide show and add only your voice when showing each slide.

How exactly? Place ads in your own videos (following the rules of the affiliate program), and then "unwind" the channel. So that your videos are watched by other users. It seems there is nothing difficult. For every 1000 views, you will be credited with funds. Very comfortable. The main advantage is that such a solution is available to all successful users of the service. Please note - the cheat of YouTube views, in this case, is punishable. All "left" visits will be punished until the partnership is terminated.

This method is simple, easy to create and edit, and you can create, for example, a lot of content for your channel in one day. This method is widely used in online courses and has a very good result. Therefore, if your account is in the above conditions, your account will be successfully activated.

But what are the forms of video monetization?

This type of video can have several formats and for monetization, you can specify these products and services with tracked links. But as traceable links. You can work from home, you can indulge your passion, the initial financial investment is low. You should never be discouraged.

Hello, YouTuber beginners! I’m glad to welcome you to the site "Lessons for all occasions" and today I will try to answer your questions in detail - how to get money from YouTube for viewing, how to connect monetization on YouTube.

You must strive for the long term. Therefore, you will have to show a lot of patience and perseverance. It will do the best for you. Tell yourself that only those who continue to succeed! The first substantial income can be made in 6 months to 1 year of work if all goes well. Over the course of several weeks and months, the quality of your videos will improve, and you will get an experience of what the public likes or not.

Loving to make videos and perform on stage: you must have a creative side, be enthusiastic and feel concerned about your subject, know how to put yourself in the place of others: you will have to constantly look to understand what people love and seek, be generous: at first you really will give a lot, do not have to return, be constant in your work. Focus on quality and consistency initially rather than quantity. It’s better to make a nice video once a week than three low-quality videos a week.

To receive money from your youtube channel, you need to connect monetization.

Most recently, I connected my channel to the YUDK media network (yuk). The media network opened in January 2016, and in June 2016 became the official division of the ScaleLab media network in Russia.

TOP-10 reasons to connect to ScaleLab Russia:

  1. A progressive income distribution means that your rate can be increased from 70 to 95 percent. The better your channel develops, the more views, the faster the revenue rate. All partners are assisted in promoting and optimizing your channel.
  2. The administration of the ScaleLab media network provides manuals, consultations and webinars are provided, assistance is provided in the purchase of advertisements, effective training of authors is carried out, the opportunity to order an audit of the channel, the opportunity to collaborate with other channels are provided. There is an open channel database where you can add your channel and be available for cooperation with authors of other channels of similar subjects. You can always use the recommendations for the effective promotion of videos through the exchange of traffic and mutual PR. They will help you find an advertiser for your youtube channel.
  3.  Payments can be ordered on Webmoney, Yandex-Money, PayPal, Payoneer, Qiwi. This list will be expanded. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollar.
  4.  All partners are provided assistance with copyright infringement, advice, and assistance with strikes.
  5.  There is the opportunity to get training in the most effective, and most importantly, in the free Youtube School.
  6.  Answers to questions can be obtained at webinars that are regularly held for media network partners. Focus groups on channel topics are also held.
  7.  Competent specialists in those. support will give prompt answers.
  8.  In the media network, there is a service of additional services for the design of the channel, to create a corporate identity. For a certain fee, they will create a trailer for you, close the windows, make voice acting, and help you choose a channel manager.
  9. Provides the opportunity for additional income.
  10.  Minimum channel requirements: 10 subscribers, 1000 views per month, channel age at least 30 days, no violation of YouTube rules, at least 10 videos on the channel.
I am ready to connect to the UDC media network!

The platform continues to grow exponentially. Therefore, it will be necessary to create videos long enough to allow users to have time for interaction, and short enough so that the retention rate remains correct. It’s important that you use a lot of tags to increase the chances of your content falling.
Ads placed before, during or after the video, overlay ads: headings appearing at the bottom of the clips, ads on the right side of the screen, business cards located on the right side of the video. If you want to succeed, take every step seriously and spend your time.

Monetization Methods

You all probably know that after monetization is activated, ads start appearing in your videos. YouTube receives money from advertisers for this advertisement and pays part of the funds for the fact that ads are displayed in our videos.
We receive money only for commercial views, which make up from 20 to 50 percent of total views. CPM is the cost per 1000 commercial views in your niche. CPM depends on the age, gender, solvency of our viewers, the place of reproduction, the season, the economic situation, and exchange rates. If, for example, you are viewed from America, CPM is higher there, advertising in Russia is cheaper.

Step 1: Free yourself and exercise

Nothing should be left to chance. Do not think that you can make a living with videos made using a mobile phone or a simple tablet if you do not have a particularly powerful model. Professional microphone, camera: choose a video camera or, ideally, a reflex camera that can create videos, a tripod, a space for rotation and a suitable decoration, video editing software installed on a suitable computer. You also need to learn how to shoot and edit videos.

Types of YouTube Partner Program:

  1. direct - this is the famous google AdSense;
  2. media networks.
In a direct affiliate program, only TOP channels receive any support, the remaining channel owners solve their problems on their own. Media networks are bad and good, which really help and contribute to the development of our channel.
You can connect to a direct affiliate program from scratch, but remember that you will not receive support from YouTube until you promote the channel until it becomes mega-popular.

Which is better: a good media network or a direct affiliate program?

Media networks mediate between YouTube and our channel. The main plus of the direct affiliate program is that no commission is charged from us. The entire amount displayed in the YouTube Analytics section will be received by us. Another plus is that the channel can be connected from scratch.
  • no training for beginner YouTuber;
  • there is no way to contact support;
  • Payments are made only by check to a bank account;
  • minimum payout of $ 100;
  • difficulty connecting Content ID.
In a good media network, there is an opportunity to undergo free training; you can monetize all videos if there are no identified violations; it’s possible to get a personal manager, it’s easier to verify the channel, has its own music library, etc.



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Beautiful Happy Birthday Images-Collection Of Latest Wishing Images: How to get money for views on youtube. How to find target users? Services for earning on watching videos on Youtube
How to get money for views on youtube. How to find target users? Services for earning on watching videos on Youtube
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Beautiful Happy Birthday Images-Collection Of Latest Wishing Images
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