Create Free Web Site | Create Free Web Site step-by-step [Update 2019]

Today I'm going to show you how to create your own website without anyone's help
So follow the procedure I showed you today on your personal or business website

Create Free Web Site
Create Free Web Site

                          With no coding!
However, there are some things you should know about the rules of website creation before showing them.
                            You can open the website in 2 ways!

(3) You yourself

I will put the most importance on opening your own site because it is you
Learning a lot and getting a direct American server will help. But in this case your own
Have an International Card (MasterCard or Credit Card).
I have shown in this guide how to open my own website so keep watching the guide.
There are many ways you can benefit from knowing the rules of how to open a web site yourself!

(2) From any other local company:

In this case, you will find reseller hosting which means that they are available from their hosting pack.
It will give you a small part. It is better not to open your website this way. Then 1
Check the number to see if it is possible for you. In that number, you are your own
If you fail to open the site, please contact me so that I can make you an SEO Ready
I can open the website. I have a trusted person.
And if you do not use any of these methods then you can follow the number 2 method.

How does it cost to build a website?

Domain: The domain value of .com extension to buy the domain is $ 5 to $ 12
The value of the Bangladeshi money is about 5 rupees.
Hosting Package: And the price of a good American hosting starts at 5 rupees
Many expensive hosting is available.
SSL Certificate: The first year an SSL certificate for a web site is 9 bucks
available. Later it gradually increases.
Themes: There are many free options to choose from the theme of your site if you have your own
Want a premium look and performance of the site, but can buy a good theme at different prices
So if I have the first 5 things like a domain, a hosting package, and a
Add value to the certificate, but its total value will be -
1 + 1 + 1 = 225 taka.
So you can get a website of your own at a cost of only Rs.
Everything on your website is from the famous domain registrar and web hosting company in America

You can buy it from Namecheap.
Click below to find out about Namecheap Company's various products:
Click Domains. What a price for a product.
Click on Hosting Contacts. What a price for a product.
Click on WordPress Contacts. What a price for a product.
Click Security SSL Certificates. What is the price of a product?
Interesting discounts currently running for a limited time!

How to open a website?

Now let us know how to create a website. So let's know how you can easily open a web site.

Step 4. Your site name needs to be determined:

** First you have to choose a relevant name.
** You can even create a website in your name.
 ** But if you want to open a site with a business name, that business name will be your website name.
** Once the website name has been determined, go to the next step.

Step 2 Visit the hosting company website:

** Now you have to visit the website of a hosting company.
** Then select the hosting of a hosting company
 Namecheap is what I'm going to remind you of.
There are many reasons to choose Namecheap hosting, and some of the reasons are as follows:
১. Unlimited Storage Facility 
2. Unlimited bandwidth benefits 
৩. Hosting at a much lower cost
৪. Namecheap's server speed and server response time are very fast
৫. This hosting is uptime and very good

Step 4. Select the Hosting Package

** Now you have to select your preferred hosting package.
** Whatever you like.
Enter the Namecheap site I am shown.
Annually click on the button to know the annual cost of hosting.
* Below you can see Namecheap 's 3 hosting packs -
* The first hosting pack is sufficient to start.
* Now click on the Add to Cart button below the first hosting pack to buy it.
* This will open a new page.
৬. Very Responsive Customer Support
And the Namecheap Hosting Company Rankings are always within the 5 to 7 level. Also, I was able to earn the first income by launching my site on this hosting.

Step 4. You need to check if you have a domain name that you prefer.

** Clicking on the Purchase a new domain button above will take you to the next page.
** Where to find a blanket box for domain checking.
** In the box you have to check the name of the website you like. Because someone else has already registered you.
 ** Put the name of your website in that box, then give it a .com and wait a bit.
** If your domain is available, you will see a tick mark next to it.
** If the domain is not available, then you need to check with another domain.
** Now click on the Add New Domain to Cart button below.
Since the domain of the website is a unique name, once a domain has been purchased, no one else can buy it.

Step 4. Other required hosting services must be selected.

** In addition to domain and hosting, some services are required to manage your website.
** And that is the SSL certificate that will make your site security even more powerful.
** Clicking on the cart button next to the SSL certificate will add it to your previously selected services.

Step 4. The order must be confirmed:

** Now you have to confirm the order to buy your selectors or all the selected services.
** In your shopping cart you will see the amount of your total bill.
** See a sample billing below -
-Your bill will come much lower than this.
-That is why you selected the first hosting package.
 - So click the Confirm Order button to pay your bill.

Step 4. Must sign up / sign in.

** You must open a new free account on your chosen site to pay your bills. Take that
    Namecheap site.
** If you already have, you do not need to open an account in Namecheap.
** Now sign in to your account by clicking the SIGNUP or Sign in and Continue button or open a new one.
** Then after paying your payment information, you will be billed and you will receive multiple emails in your email inbox.
** You can pay for your hosting and other services through an International Credit Card or PayPal or Payoneer.
** If you do not have a card, you will find many who are doing freelancing or doing other work online.
** Use them as a payment instrument and pay them the equivalent of dollars in Bangladeshi money.
** And if you own a credit card or any other International MasterCard, then no more.
Good news
Now Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) Bank has launched a MasterCard in Bangladesh called EBL Aqua MasterCard which allows you to make any payment online! You can also open the web site.
** Everything is done for your website, now you need to set up your site.
So follow the next steps and do the same.

Step 4. Check your email:

     ** Check the emails.
     ** Here you will find the URL, username, and password of the Control Panel or cPanel of your website.

Step 4. Access your Hosting Account:

** You can install WordPress or any CMS of your choice by logging into your hosting account.
** Now go to your control panel by clicking on the URL or link from that email and using your username and password, enter the control panel of your site.

Step 4. Install WordPress:

 ** From cPanel you will need to install a Content Management System ( CMS ) for your site.
 ** That's why you need to use an on-click installer called Softaculous.
  ** Keep going under cPanel and you 'll find a section called Softaculous.
 ** Clicking on WordPress will get a button called Install Now.
 ** Clicking on this button will show a form containing several sections.
 ** The first section is Software Setup where you have to select a few things.
First select https: // instead of http: // because you use SSL on your site .
** Now select the domain you just purchased and leave the In Directory cell blank.
** Now go to the second section ( Site Settings ) where you need to enter your site name and site descriptions.
So write your site name in the first cell and a slogan of your site in the second cell.
** Now go to the third section where you need to select your site admin username and password.
** Admin as username admin, or your name, select the Use another word that will protect your site from hackers.
** Select a solid password at the same time.
** Finally, clicking on the Install button below will start the WordPress installation. And within a few minutes, your site will be ready.
** Now sign in to your Namecheap account and click on the Manage button next to your domain.
** Visit NAMESERVERS to see if there is Namecheap BasicDNS. Change this to Namecheap Web Hosting DNS. It will be saved in a few minutes.
** Now you can visit your site if your domain's propagation is completed. Typically within a period of 24 to 5 hours, propagation of newly purchased domains becomes complete.
  So be patient with this time until your domain is propagated.

Step 4. Log into your site and set up everything you need.

      ******* Congratulations your site is now live ********
** You can now access your site from any browser.
** Now if you want to control everything by going to the dashboard of your site, search the browser's URL bar at This is the name of your site.
** Now asking for username and password to access your site. Enter your site's dashboard or backend with your username and password.
** To design a WordPress website in the mind, it is important to use some significant plugins. Here is a list of some plugins that you can install and activate by going to Plugins - Add New :
  1. Ani-Spam Akismet
  2. AMP
  3. Broken Link Checker
  4. Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP
  5. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
  6. Redirection
  7. Juices Security
  8. W3 Total Cache
  9. WP-Optimize
  10. Yoast SEO
** In addition, you can use a premium theme instead of a free theme that costs $ 5 to $ 5.
** No need to use any premium themes right now if your budget is tight.
** But if your site needs to rank on Google by SEO, then a premium theme is a must.

Step 12. Learn how to manage a website and keep your website running smoothly.

** Now you need to create some necessary pages for your site to use in your own way.
** Posts - Add New You can write posts using Pages and Pages - Add New buttons.
Keep working like this. So friends understand how to create a website
Easy and why late? Create your dream website now and your
Go one step further to expand the business. I am with you. Shared with you
Tell your friends this easy way to build a website.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment and share if you like.
Be good
Congratulations - you're ready to launch your website!

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